At Swiift Imaging
we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from a quality ultrasound, anywhere, anytime

My first concern will be to restore, preserve or promote health in all its elements, physical and mental, individual and social.Hippocrate

Ultrasound is the 2nd most commonly performed imaging exam, 5 times more than CT scan

Heterogeneous geographical distribution of radiologists

Only imaging examination not possible remotely

Geographic inequality of access to ultrasound

Delayed and degraded medical care

Remote ultrasound robotics solution

Swiift Imaging allows the transmission of ultrasound know-how remotely using a robotic solution. To this end, Swiift Imaging is collaborating with the Atomic Energy Commission, 1st in France in the Clarivate Top100 Global Innovators 2024 ranking, world leader in teleoperation.

Swiift Imaging, labeled DeepTech by the French Public Investment Bank, is developing two disruptive technologies:

  • Unique long-distance immersive force feedback algorithm
  • Robotic arms based on a low inertia mechatronic architecture specifically developed for remote ultrasound

Swiift Imaging allows for the first time to perform remote ultrasound in the same way as an exam performed at the patient’s bedside:

  • Total autonomy in moving the ultrasound probe
  • Perception of the patient’s body envelope and the force applied!

A remote ultrasound solution that benefits everyone


Patients Solution

for establishments requesting ultrasound

  • Absence of qualified ultrasound staff required on site
  • Quality ultrasound
  • Immediate access to the exam
  • Reduction in hospitalizations while waiting for imaging
  • Unnecessary intersite transportation

Experts Solution

for radiologists

  • Geographic projection of expertise
  • Facilitates the practice of subspecialties
  • Improved efficiency
  • Differentiating care offer
  • In care establishment or at home

An experienced team

Stéphane LUONG – CEO

Medical Doctor
Biomedical Engineering Master degree
Imaging Department – Hospices Civils de Lyon (France)


Robotics R&D Engineer
Global Industrie Awards
Preventica Innovation Prize
Artinov competition winner

Michel LORIOT 

Business development

They support Swiift Imaging

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